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About FUH Industrial

As one of the leading distributors and importers in chains, bearings, sprockets and power transmission, Fuh Industrial Inc. has well-established distribution lines of many industrial parts in its huge warehouses in Southern California. Supported by several leading manufacturers in Taiwan and China, Fuh Industrial Inc. has served major U.S. industrial manufacturers by providing high quality parts and competitive pricing over 22 years.

Fuh Industrial has been delivering the value of quality and ANSI standard components since 1991, imported directly from our offshore factories in China and Taiwan as well as custom design metal work which include: chains (stainless steel, CAST, combination, forged, table-top), sprockets (QD, TL, finished Bore), bearings & mounted bearings, couplings HRC/Fenaflex/PIN/MH/Rigid/JAW and more), belts (V-Belt A, B, C,D /Timing/ Fractional Horsepower 3L,4L,5L/ Narrow Wedge 3V,5V,8V), shaft collars (stainless steel, single/double split),pulleys, bushings, gear reducers, disc brakes, gears & racks, gate hardware, metal works, power locks, adapter sleeves, wheels (V/U-grooved), gate/fence chains, accessories, and custom metal work (casting, forging, machining). Special production and import of custom-designed engineered items are available and widely used by customers with great satisfaction.